How Andrew Plastics Help To Reduce Plastic Pollution

January 21, 2021



There has been a lot of articles in the news recently relating to ‘Plastic Pollution’ and how it is damaging the environment. Facts say that at least 79% of the plastic waste ever created is still in our environment polluting both Oceans & Land.

We need to ask ourselves; – Why is the ocean getting polluted with so much plastic waste? – Why do you see plastic bottles on the slip road of a motorway? – Why are there great amounts of paper cups, paper/plastic bags, and rubbish left outside shops/food outlets? The answer is simple, it’s caused by people’s attitude and the way people believe it is someone else’s responsibility to clean it up after them.

Here at Andrew Plastics, we have a continuous recycling process in place throughout the business to ensure we do not contribute to this pollution and keep a low carbon footprint. Below are some of the ways we continue to help save the planet; –

  • All of the cardboard boxes we supply our products in have recycled cardboard on the inside of the box.
  • All of the waste we produce on-site is collected and recycled.
  • All of our internal plastic waste is reground onsite and reused to manufacture other products.

Where ever possible, Andrew Plastics purchases recycled raw materials. The majority of our High Impact Polystyrene is recycled plastic. This is made from post-consumer waste. This is produced from bath panels, fridge trays, and off cut sheets. Our Polypropylene is manufactured from post-consumer waste crates, supermarket baskets, and drink bottle crates. When this material is delivered on-site, a colour pigment is added and adjusted accordingly to the material. This enables us to create the correct colour to meet our customer demands.

We have now also added the recycling logo onto all of our cardboard boxes to inform our customers that the boxes we use are in fact recycled but also they can recycle the boxes after they no longer have a use for them. Alongside this, we are also looking into adding the recycled plastic logo onto all of our manufactured products and packaging over the next few months. The focus of Andrew Plastics is to meet all requirements made by our customers, ensuring they receive the highest level of quality products, at the best possible price. It is important for everyone working within Andrew Plastics to keep to this motto, but whilst doing so we do everything they can to ensure we recycle when possible. Remember… “Don’t throw away, save it for another day”.

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