Sonic Weld

At Andrew Plastics, we offer a highly effective sonic/high-frequency welding solution.

Our expert team can run through any process step by step to ensure that it fits your requirements and best serves your product. 

Sonic welding is quick, clean, reliable, and extremely cost-effective. Whether you’re looking for a sample concept or a small quantity, we can easily accommodate your requests. Plus, should you want to upscale this at a later date, we can easily facilitate that too. 

Our sonic weld facility ensures a strong plastic on plastic bond using ultrasonic technology – we can produce the strongest bond negating the use of glue, sealants, nuts and bolts producing an exceptionally strong, seamless, and waterproof bond – as if the product was made from a single source material. The process is quick and is ideal for high-volume manufacturing processes should you wish to use our facilities.

Our cycle times are very quick – which is another reason our sonic weld service is industry-leading. Through tried and tested methods and the experience of our expert team, we know what it takes to get the job done properly and promptly – with no compromise in quality. 

The service is suited to businesses and budgets of all sizes. Our attention to detail is unrivalled, that way, we can make your ideas and plans a reality. 

If you’re interested in our sonic weld service or would like to find out more information about it – get in touch today! Our expert team is always on hand to answer any questions or queries and alleviate any worries too. 

Sonic Weld

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