Tool Service and Repairs

We know how poorly maintained moulding tools can affect your business, resulting in costly tool repairs, even costlier production delays, machine downtime and ultimately disappointed customers who are tempted to take your hard-won custom elsewhere.


You could arrange for your moulding tool to be repaired at our testing site whereby you arrange to bring your tool in; we can arrange the diagnostics, compile a repair quote and punctually solve the problem for you – all done to the highest professional standards we pride ourselves on.

Alternatively, why don’t you arrange a regular service agreement (similar to an MOT) for all the key aspects covering the wellbeing of your moulding tools, ensuring that your moulding tools are maintained in tip-top condition – as is the case with most things in life, we believe that prevention is better than cure. For a nominal annual fee, we will ensure that all aspects of your moulding tools are rigorously maintained and tested to the highest standards producing a detailed report – ensuring clarity of tests undertaken and also highlighting avoidable potential future issues. This will not only protect and maintain your tools so they last longer but also ensure that machine cycle times are optimised – in other words, a “win-win” outcome for you and your business.

If you wish to have your moulding tool repaired then contact us on 01695 52907 or email

Tool Service and Repairs

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